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Project Vote, Credit: Steer Initiative
Project Vote, Credit: Steer Initiative

Since 2003, despite the increase in the number of registered voters, there has been a decline in the turnout of voters during elections.

In 2019, only about 28 million people voted during the presidential election, this was about 35% of the people who registered. The lowest turnouts were in Abia, Enugu, and Ebonyi state. Similar to 2019, only 43.6% of those who registered, voted in 2015, this was about 29 million votes.

Also, in 2011, only 39.5 million people voted out of 73 million registered voters. This was about 54.07% of those who registered. Meanwhile, in 2007 and 2003, only 35.4 million out of about 61.6 million registered voters, voted, and 42 million people out of the registered 60.8 million, voted.

Hence, Project Vote is identifying and partnering with key stakeholder actors and local communities to educate people, specifically women, and youth about voting.

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